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                4K 超清運「動相機處理器





                Processor Core

                ? Dual-Core Cortex A7@1.2GHz
                ? Neon acceleration, integrated FPU

                Video Encoding/Decoding Performance

                ? H.264 BP/MP/HP,H.265 Main Profile encoding
                ? I/P/Dual P frame H.264/H.265 encoding
                ? MJPEG/JPEG baseline encoding
                ? Real-time multi-stream H.264/H.265 encoding capability:
                - 3840x2160@30fps+720p@30fps encoding
                - 3840x2160@30fps decoding
                ? Maximum 8192x8192 resolution for JPEG encoding/decoding
                ? CBR,VBR modes
                ? Encoding of eight ROIs


                ? Maximum performance is 4224x3168@30fps
                ? Adjustable 3A functions (AE, AWB, and AF)
                ? Supports 2F WDR and Local Tone mapping, supporting highlight suppression and backlight compensation
                ? Supports bad pixel correction, Lens shading correction
                ? Supports multi-level 3D denoising, remove motion smear and color noise
                ? Supports color adjustment, color enhancement
                ? Supports image dynamic contrast enhance and sharpness enhance
                ? Support 6-Dof EIS
                ? Supports 4 channels of scaling output from 1/8x to 1x
                ? OSD overlaying of eight regions before encoding
                ? Supports image mirroring and flipping
                ? Provides ISP tuning tools for the PC

                Video Input

                ? Supports 4-lane MIPI/12-lane Sub-LVDS/4-lane HiSPi Combo interface,the maximum resolution is 4224x3168

                Video Output

                ? Supports 4 layers (2 video layers, 2 UI layers) overlay, video layer up to 4K, UI layer up to 1080P
                ? One PAL/NTSC, supporting automatic load detection
                ? One HDMI 1.4 up to 4K30fps
                ? One MIPI DSI up to 1080P60fps
                ? One RGB888/666/565 display output
                ? One BT.656/BT1120 video output

                Audio Encoding /Decoding

                ? Voice encoding/decoding complying with multiple protocols by using software
                ? Compliance with the G.711, G.726 and ADPCM protocols
                ? Audio 3A functions (AEC, ANR, and ALC)

                Peripheral Interfaces

                ? POR
                ? External reset input
                ? Internal RTC
                ? Integrated multichannel ADC
                ? Six UART interfaces
                ? CIR, TWI, PWM, GPIO interfaces
                ? Two SD3.0/SDIO3.0 interfaces, supporting SDXC
                ? One USB2.0 OTG
                ? RGMII/RMII in 10/100 Mbit/s full/half-duplex mode and 1000Mbit/s full-duplex mode

                External Memory Interfaces

                ? 32-bit DDR4/DDR3/DDR3L/LPDDR4/LPDDR3 interfaces
                - maximum frequency of 800 MHz
                ? SPI NOR flash interface,Maximum capacity of 32 MB
                - 1-/2-/4-wire mode
                - 3-byte or 4-byte address mode
                ? SPI NAND flash interface, maximum capacity of 512 MB
                ? eMMC 5.0 interface, maximum capacity of 64GB
                ? NAND flash interface,components with 8 GB or larger capacity
                - 8-bit data width
                - Supports SLC、MLC、TLC
                - 4、8、24、40、64、80 Bit ECC


                ? Linux-4.9 SDK


                ? Booting from SPI NOR flash, SPI NAND flash, NAND flash, or eMMC
                ? Supports write firmware by SD Card、USB device

                Audio Interface

                ? Integrated audio CODEC supporting 16-bit/20-bit/24-bit inputs and outputs
                ? I2S interface for connecting to an external audio CODEC
                ? Dual-channel differential MIC inputs for reducing background noises

                Graphics Processing

                ? Supports Lens distortion correction, fisheye and wide angle correction
                ? Supports 90°、180°、 270° picture rotation

                Physical Specifications

                ? Power consumption
                - Typical 4K30 encoding, power consumption of 1.1W
                - Supports super-standby mode
                ? Operating voltages
                - 0.9 V core voltage
                - 3.3 V I/O voltage and 3.8 V margin voltage
                ? Package
                - 14mm x 14mm,412pin, 0.5 ball pitch,TFBGA RoHS

                Security Engine

                ? AES, DES, and 3DES encryption and decryption algorithms
                ? RSA1024/2048/4096 signature verification algorithm
                ? Hash-SHA1/256 and HMAC_SHA1/256 tamper proofing
                ? Integrated 2Kbit OTP storage space and hardware random number generation


                雙核ARM Cortex-A7 架構
                雙核ARM Cortex-A7 架構
                4K@30fps H.264/H.265
                4K@30fps H.264/H.265
                全新HawkView ISP
                全新HawkView ISP
                4K@30fps 電子防抖
                4K@30fps 電子防抖






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